The Rundholz brand is certainly full of surprises and yet it seems so familiar. This paradox is emphasized further by the labels preoccupation with simplicity and yet a lavish outlook on modern sustainability for discerning women who are on the same wave-length. 

The fabrics entice you to touch whilst the construction begs you to question how! The Rundholz design signature is based quite fundamentally in the deconstruction of traditional construction... and thus the paradox continues.

This brand isn’t interested in trend. One could argue that Rundholz’ aesthetic is in some way inspired by the extraordinary talents of Comme des Garçon and Ann Demeulemeester. In our opinion, Rundholz deserves far greater applause than this. The brand inherently displays a unique femininity and artistry that few can claim in this particular genre. It expresses itself quite freely from that of others and delivers a very distinct style that embraces innovation, intelligence, quality and craftsmanship. 

The creative process taken by this designer duo, is fueled almost entirely by curiosity and excitement. “It’s fun to open new doors, to gather more and more impressions and to be able to express this in our work.” Carsten Rundholz. The brand offers three collections, Rundholz Mainline, Rundholz Dip and Rundholz Black Label.

2018 autumn winter fall collections for Rundholz Mainline, dip and Black Label are now in stock.