We Buy Vintage

We Buy Vintage

How does it work?

We like to keep it simple. Email us at sales@palette-london.com to let us know what you have to sell. If we're interested, we'll request that you email us with quick snapshots of the pieces along with a brief description detailing: condition, size and the selling price you'd ideally want to achieve; we can then progress from there. We generally buy at auction prices, so please bear this in mind when stipulating your selling price. We do not value pieces ourselves nor do we make offers. A great deal of time and energy can be spent haggling over price, and we prefer to keep this process hassle free.

In general, we do not buy, or are interested in heavily flawed garments, as we only sell vintage in excellent condition. Refer to our Vintage Condition Guide. Items do not necessarily have to be labeled designer pieces, but they do have to be fabulous, unique and beautifully crafted.

Items should be sent cleaned but if you don't have a trustworthy cleaner, we can arrange to have items cleaned for you here. Our cleaners are top notch and are capable of handling high end, couture and antique garments. We don't sell or store uncleaned vintage, so if you would prefer that we have the item cleaned, please consider this when you propose your selling prices. 

Generally we prefer to buy vs consigning. We have done consignment in the past but found that an outright buy works best for everyone. However, we will consider a consignment arrangement on occasions.

If upon arrival, and an item is found not to be suitable, or other then described, it will be sent back to you - this is rare but it can happen. To avoid this please ensure sure that your descriptions are accurate. 

Refer to our Vintage by Era & Designer Vintage galleries to view items that we generally buy.

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