Vintage Clothing Definition

Vintage Clothing Definition

Defusing the ambiguity

Rare vintage clothing by definition, is a term used to classify garments with rarity, heritage and value from another era; normally referring to those older than 25 years, where historical provenance has been thoroughly researched.

Interest in iconic vintage fashion has increased enormously over the past decade. As a consequence, the true value associated with the term has been diluted somewhat, becoming an ambiguous term that is used in the fashion market place to describe almost anything older than last seasons cast-offs.

To defuse any such ambiguity, Palette only acquires pieces that correspond with the first three vintage categories:

Designer Vintage Clothing: Historically important pieces produced by iconic designers and fashion brands from the 1920s to mid 1980s.

Rare Vintage Clothing: Exquisitely constructed pieces, labeled or unlabeled, that were emulating the visonary fashion designers between 1920 and the mid 1980s.

Future Vintage Collectables: Pieces that achieved true innovation, from established and emerging fashion designers in the mid 1980s through to present day.

Retro Vintage: Poorly made and mass produced revival pieces from the mid 1980s to present day.

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